Logic EXS24


The EXS24 is a sampler plug-in for Apple’s digital audio workstation (DAW) Logic. In a simple definition, a sampling is the technique of digitally encoding music or sound and reusing it as part of a composition or recording. A sampler, in its simplest form, allows you to map audio files across the full range of a keyboard to be triggered by MIDI messages. The EXS24 allows users to take these audio files and modifies them according to the timbre and velocity you choose when playing your MIDI device.

In electronic music today, the EXS24 gives the composer an added arsenal of sounds to play with and tweak. Each sample within the plug-in can be modified to the users liking, for different sounds. This makes finding the sound a writer is looking for easy. If a writer wants a violin sample, but he wants it to sound metallic-like, he can modify the setting in the plug-in and find the sound that matches. One of the most amazing that the EXS24 has is the ability to take a group of audio files, and with one click, create an instrument of them. This feature is something that even the more complex sampler, Kontakt, can not do.

I use this sampler quite often when writing music. I love it because I am able to use instruments I don’t know how to play or I don’t own and put them into my songs. This comes in handy when its 3am and i need to add a bass line when my bassist is sleeping. I can add it with my keyboard and when my bassist is at the studio, he has an idea of what i was thinking when I wrote it.  I don’t really mess with any of the settings or parameters, this way they sound more genuine. This also helps a songwriter out when he wants to record some guitar; he can add a simple drum beat using the sampler, and use it to keep time.

There are quite a few tutorials on how to use EXS24 and how to edit samples. Here are a few links:

http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/aug02/articles/exs24.asp – a very detailed break down on how to create a sample in EXS24.

http://artistnest.com/logic-pro-exs24-sampler/ – The host really breaks it down for you as far as editing and usage.

Hope you enjoyed.

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2 responses to “Logic EXS24

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  2. Hi Kevin,
    Great blog on the EXS24. I also use this plug-in alot and think it’s one of the more versitile plug-ins Logic has. The amount of instruments availble with the EXS24 is great, as well as the ablity to tweak and customize each one to individual taste and style. The possibilities are practically infinite.
    Ultrabeat is another great plug-in for drums and other effects. Between the two, all things are possible. Good blog, thanks. Jon

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